Welcome to The Captured Muse. So glad you’re here.

 I’m Charles Agel, owner and artist. I’ve been making art in one form or another most of my life. A recent series of events led me to jewelry art and design. While riding a bus to New York City one day, I decided take a jewelry class during my upcoming summer vacation. By the end of the second week of class, I had the tools and equipment to start my studio! I continue to experience that same thrill and excitement discovering new tools to create fun-to-wear jewelry.

I am inspired by unique, whimsical and fun objects combined with bold color, shape and pattern. My designs embody this very spirit in every piece that I make. My jewelry is  designed to inspire you to wear a big smile when you wear it. One that says, “I’ve got a little secret!” 

Up to now, the only way to purchase my work has been through outdoor art festivals. I have many customers who come to the shows each year and buy from me. They tell me that they wish that they did not have to wait another year between purchases and could I please open an online store. Well for all of my loyal customers and for all my new customers, here it is. I took this year's summer vacation to create and open this site. I look forward to sharing the fun that my jewelry brings to old friends and new friends. 

Always remember, 

Life should be fun, and so should your jewelry.

  Charles Agel